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PK-ASV Russian Military Special forces "Black dot" / "Red dot" tactical combat rifle scope with AK/AKM-style side-rail mount and 8 levels of reticule brightness. Not just a usual red dot short range sight, but also a sniper scope for up to 400 m. At daylight, a precise 1 MOA black dot reticle enclosed in a rangefinder ellipse (170 MOA) is always visible without power supply. When needed, a click of the switch activates a 1.5 MOA red dot reticule. Such a flexibility ensures the ability to effectively use PK-ASV sight round the clock. "Black dot"/"Red dot" is a unique feature available in no other red dot rifle scope. Another great feature is the exceeding ease of making alignment adjustments using its indexed ballistic cam. This thumbwheel style range turret is calibrated in equal 2 MOA increments which makes it easy to use the sight with any caliber rifle
PK-ASV is an advanced military version of PKS-01 and is the best combat optic available for the Kalashnikov gun. It is truly of a professional grade rarely seen in optics suited for use on the AK. PK-ASV is equal to, and actually better, than most USA collimating (red dot) sights at a fraction of the price. This scope represents the PKS-01 series of compact red dot scopes designed for both short range/fast acquisition situations of the close combat and larger range aiming The main feature of this red dot scope is its unique ability to combine fast acquisition at a close distances with the unique features designed specifically for effective accurate long range firing at a range up to 400 meters.
The unrivalled quality of this amazing sight is equal to the quality of the US military rifle scopes which cost many times more. It’s expensive to produce fully coated prismatic lens system provides a remarkable, high contrast, wide angle field of view that will satisfy even the most professional user. Regardless of the fact that this advanced collimator "red dot" / "black dot" opticical setup was designed to provide the latest technological features to Russian special forces units, we are able to offer the same advanced scopes to professional shooters, especially to those from western block. This is a complete fall of an iron curtain (while its still impossible to imagine purchasing a USA made military scope in Russia).
The 1x optical scheme allows for both-eyes-open eyestrain-free shooting, unlimited field of view and maximum ability to check for incoming targets. The precision dot system combined with the striking field of view produced by the high quality lens system provides superior accuracy far exceeding the same capability of the iron sights. The advanced elliptical range finder accurately quotes distance. All-metal body, made of the military grade alloy, is very lightweight while being battlefield tough. There is no other red dot rifle scope for the AK (Kalashnikov), SVD (Dragunov) or SKS (Simonov) equal to the PK-ASV. This sight is also available with a Western rail mount for Weaver, Picatinny, dovetail and equivalent mounting rails.
Lock nut
Elevation adjustement
Windage adjustement
Adjustments are easily and quickly made via a manually operated indexed ballistic cam. This thumbwheel style range turret is calibrated in equal 2 MOA increments which makes it easy to use the sight with any calibre rifle. Upon initial installation, coarse adjustments for both windage and elevation, if needed, can be easily made via indexed Allen-type adjusting nuts. The 3.5mm Allen wrench tool for this is also included in the sight package.
The PK-ASV features a new mount utilizing the rugged v-style clamp, which means it is capable of fitting properly to almost all types of AK side mount rail designs. The benefit of the PK-AS-V is the placement of the sight body directly over the bore of the rifle. This is often a favored location for many Western shooters who are not used to the European/Soviet designs which are often offset to the left of center.
Comes with rubber objective cover, black pouch, instruction manual and special Allen tool.
Magnification 1x
Pupil exit diameter 20 mm
Red Dot Diameter @ 100m 30 mm
Red Dot Size 1 MOA
Brightness Settings 8
Windage, not less than, MOA +/- 1
Elevation, not less than, MOA 30
Supply voltage 3V (2 x D-357)
Battery Life 1000 hrs
Operating temperature -40 to +50oC
Overall dimensions 140x130x65 mm
Weight 0.26 kg
Taiga 2U red dot rifle scope with both weaver & side-rail mounts. PK-01 red dot scope with auto brightness (weaver & side-rail) PK-23 rifle scope with unique flickering red dot reticule
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