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Hard case, straps and amber filters are included. These binoculars employ a special mount hole for the standart 3/8" thread photo-camera tripod. High quality fully multicoated achromatic lenses assure contrasting image within the whole field of vision.
These binoculars are the most popular astronomy binoculars in Russia and satellites. If you know russian pretty well you can check many positive feedbacks for this device at the In fact its the only recommended astronomy device in Russia (in many cases better than astronomy tube).
The former USSR has had a long history of quality military optics. After WWII the Soviet Army captured most of the German optical industry, including famous Carl Zeiss-Jena factories. They took the technology and tooling back to Russia, added their own important improvements and began to build similar and sometimes even more powerfull binoculars. For many years these binocs were strictly for military use. In the late 1980's some researchers proved that
these Military Binoculars outmatched their predecessors - world-famous Zeiss binoculars. Now you have an extraordinary opportunity to obtain the piece of the history and the most powerful optical instrument of the last century. PLEASE DO NOT BE CONFUSED WITH THE CHEAP IMITATIONS. THIS IS THE ORIGINAL QUALITY SOVIET ISSUE FOR MILITARY USE
Magnification 20x
Field of view 3,34°
Eyepiece focusing -6 ... +6 diopters
Weight 1.45 kg (3.2 lbs)
Exit pupil diameter 3 mm
Eye relief 11 mm
Overall dimensions 73x265x218 mm
Operating Temperature +122F to -58F
Operating Humidity 80%

Superb optics with large porro prisms for strong depth perception at extreme ranges. Traditional style central focusing with the right ocular diopter compensation. "Floating Eyepiece Design" allow smooth and easy focus adjustment. Z-style aircraft grade aluminum alloy body. Perfect for wild life observation, low light surveillance, or night sky. While keeping binoculars on the tripod adds convenience, 20x magnification makes this binoculars hand held usable. Specific valuable features of these binoculars are close focus capability - down to 25-30 yards, and fast response to focus adjustment. It makes them very desirable for the applications where the distance to the object of interest may vary in a vide range. As an example, it is excellent tool for wild life lovers, who can equally enjoy full 20x stereo image of small birds at close 30 yards distance as well as creatures at remote localities miles away. These binoculars feature a giant 60 mm objective with superb light gathering.

"... I know Russian KRONOS very well working with them for last years.... For guests in my Jeep I offer a 20x60, all people are wondering about weight, magnification and low colour distortion. Sometimes I use these binoculars for hours, and even after then the eyes are relaxed..."

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